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    • Vancouver police investigate home invasion robbery
      Vancouver police are investigating a home invasion robbery in Vancouver.

Domestic Violence

Allegations of Domestic Violence are prosecuted extremely seriously in Clark County, Washington.  Domestic violence offenses include many misdemeanors and felonies.  If you or someone you love is charged with a crime of domestic violence, they deserve representation dedicated to defending those accused of domestic violence crimes.  In addition to every other potential consequence of a criminal charge, allegations of domestic violence require mandatory jail, mandatory appearances for arraignment and may require mandatory bail.  Domestic violence is also very broadly defined and is not just limited to allegations of assault or similar conduct.  A conviction for a domestic violence offense will result in the loss of the constitutional right to bear arms, will be difficult if not impossible to remove from a record, and will even affect one’s ability to travel to Canada.

There is hope.  By thinking outside the box, realizing that the police usually fail to listen to both sides of the story, and by focusing on the facts just as much as the law, our office has had a great deal of success helping clients address the most difficult of situations.  We have had cases dismissed the day of trial because of interviews conducted by our office that showed the alleged victim was lying or manipulating the police for some other purpose.

The fact is that allegations of domestic violence are so serious because domestic violence is very serious.  But the fact that actual domestic violence is very serious does not mean that everybody charged with a domestic violence offense actually committed the crime.  The unfortunate reality is that federal and state laws force local prosecutors and local law enforcement into a corner where people have to be arrested and where the local prosecutor has little choice but to proceed with the case.

The challenge of many domestic violence cases is to find a hole in the prosecution’s case and use that hole to get the charges dismissed before trial.  If that does not work, if the prosecution does not want to listen to both sides of the story, then we present both sides to the jury, and use the holes in the prosecution’s case to reach the best result for our  clients.  Our office excels at finding those holes and using them to the best advantage of our clients.