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Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is what most people think of when they think of a lawyer who defends the rights of those accused of a crime.

But the term itself is wrong.  It’s wrong because nobody is a “criminal” until a judge or jury finds that they have committed the crime for which they are charged.  Nobody.  Until that time, everyone is not guilty.  An accusation is not a finding of guilt.

I defend the rights of the accused.  I have prosecuted and defended – and I am a defense attorney at heart.  Why?  Because I believe in liberty – I believe in the ideals to which our nation has constantly aspired for more than 230 years.  Because power needs to be checked lest we give up who we are as a people.  I believe in the Bill of Rights with every fiber of my being.

I have experience at every level of prosecution and defense, from the most simple misdemeanor to multi-count murder cases.  I look at cases differently from other attorneys.  I pride myself on thinking outside the box, and finding the truth in and amongst the allegations or lies.